The Light Carriers


Something held me under.

I found it there
just beyond the
melancholy and ferns
where brackish creeks open up
to lyrical skies,
where all could be left
to the mistranslation
of seeing ourselves
in every verse.

I only first realized,
when the lotus bloom
took me
into the undertow,
when a catatonic tide
finally released shore,
the actual,
not the perceived,
depths and intentions
of those waters.

Tyranny tore me from
the confluence.

I heard
purgatorial words
addressed to the world
of how life’s meaning
is for the construction
rather than the search
for one’s self.

I turned to the
trail leading back
as if the tracks
could not be located.

I turned to the bow
and saw my prayers
beneath a pyroclastic sky.

I raised the anchor.

When the
light carriers finally came,
this was all
I had left.

Copyright 2014


10 thoughts on “The Light Carriers

    1. Jennifer, great to see you as well. Glad to know you never stopped writing excellent poetry. Thanks so much for your encouraging words. It means a lot. ☺


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