(For Susan, Timothy, Sharon, and Steven)

At each phrase,
a gilt,
almost baptismal,
the way
wasps burn
ololiuqui moths

Before her death,
my grandmother gave me
a turquoise ring,
translating me

The advancement of those stars
were never meant
to be deciphered.

In the etched hieroglyphs
of humanity’s dead heroes,
some fated coincidence
collapses the ecliptic,
Oceana shrieking the
of God’s eye.

Copyright 2014


20 thoughts on “Alamogordo

  1. The stanzas have a slant weave to them, each with a vantage or view that complements if not continues the work of the previous and following. Continually the sense of almost piercing the veil. The “almost” shining so.

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    1. I almost never want to pierce the veil completely, it leaves a space for mystery and questions, which I believe to be more honest. Thanks for stopping by, Brendan. 🙂

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    1. Lisa! I have enjoyed reading your work while I was offline. Deep and briliant,then always that unexpected turn of phrase. You are truly a gifted poet. Thanks for commenting. Looking forward to reading more of your work.


    1. True story about the ring, I still have it. My grandfather gave it to her when the lived in New Mexico. He passed away when the children were very young, so this is a sort of, “what if” he lived, as well as a poem greiving the loss of the possibility of a different life for them. Thank you so much for your comments. ☺


    1. The enigma of humanity, as of late, is ever-present. Good and bad, darkness and light. One of life’s great mysteries. Thanks so much for your kind words, Bjorn. ☺


    1. For me, when I write poetry, it almost is a dream-like state. A different frame of mind, out of the ordinary. As a fellow poet, I am sure you understand. I am glad you felt the emotion in this poem as it is quite personal for me. ☺


    1. Thank you so much, grapeling. The exchange or interchanging of spirituality and humanity has consumed my thoughts lately. Trying to understand it, metaphysically. Thank you for visiting. ☺


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