Sacred and Profane


(Gordon Parks.  Ingrid Bergman, Stromboli, Italy, 1949)


In the dark,

I become like the


repressed far too long,



ayahuasca clouds.


Skewed contours



I watch

illimitable relief.


Look at her face;

the ecstasy,





a sliver


reverie and pain.


I want to tear

the shadows

from all who

haunt and hollow the


of your being.


Waiting for impact,

I scale

Rome’s horizon,

fast approaching

the moment

I left

light’s womb.


I am reminded of a quote that said, “Not saints, not whores, just women.”   So often, I have known instances where shame is used to disempower and silence women, especially in reference to their sexuality.  I explored this, as well as some of my own personal expressions of it in this poem.  Issues of sex, society, feminism, and violence against women have been on my mind for a while, and I hope to create more poetry and ponderings soon about these topics.


20 thoughts on “Sacred and Profane

    1. Nice! I have always liked the idea that all things return to their source. Makes for some interesting poetry for sure. Thanks so much for commenting, Fireblossom. ☺


    1. Hannah, thanks very much. The topic of transformation and rebirth have always been a common theme for me as it was in the closing. Don’t know whether it is naieve or optimistic. Lol. Thanks for visiting. ☺

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    1. Thank you, grapeling. Bernini’s sculpture of St. Theresa has always intrigued me for the very stanza you chose. Difficult to tell whether it is a crisis of spirit or being. It is an emotional, existential work either way. Thanks again for visiting. ☺


  1. Traditionally, women are blamed for men’s desire, as if the presence of beauty or sexuality was demonic … serpents and apples in Eden and all that. Eden has been lost, yet it resurrects only as a whole, shared by both sexes, all animals, all seasons of soul, dark and light. Mastery is no longer sufficient, only order-in-chaos, life-in-death. The singing. What could be more holy than “the ecstasy, irriverenza unrestrained.” That’s enough to repopulate Eden for me. Keep singing!

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  2. these issues have long been around.. though making progress there is still so far to go I am glad that you have and planning on continuing explore and write on behave of all women …thank you…bkm

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  3. This is AMAZING!!!

    I especially like this:

    “Look at her face;
    the ecstasy,

    Seriously. Thank you for writing this. It’s not fair that women get labeled whores just because they are expressively sexual beings. That’s just stupid.

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