The Beast

7395b2824fb011a2a612c1fff2843091(Bordalo II: Garbage, the new street art aesthetic)


Only when we become

as hateful and as violent as

our torturers,

will they have succeeded.


does not justify torture.


do not justify torture.

Many play the role

of decency


but given an opportunity,

if torment and bullying are

twisted socially acceptable,

the facade is dropped

and a barely contained

seething savagery


In the face of cruelty and

absence of concern,

an ego-less act of humanity

is required.

Why would toxins be fed

to an already sick person?

It would only make them

more sick.

Compassion and empathy,

an attempt to understand

rather than to judge

is much more difficult,

yet, is

the anecdote.

Action must not be taken

from one’s suffering

or one’s ego.

Revenge and violence

only continue

the enemy’s war.

Spread the word,

not the war.




3 thoughts on “The Beast

  1. YES! You have expressed so well what I have been feeling – retaliation just continues the carnage. Holding to higher values and a broader understanding is the key. An attempt to understand is the antidote for sure.


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