Between Worlds


(Image from Playbuzz)


They had us begging for our lives/ pin dolled/ hot electrical impulse pokers/ burning intermittent torture/ some developed dissociative disorders/ ingested pills/ lived the double life of denial/ some left/ to escape/ the invisible touch/ of enslavement./

It may have been/ a revolution/ a movement/ to bring humans back/ to their original sin/ back from the deadening purification/ of mind/ body/ soul/ megalomania/ who is your leader/ your false prophet/ I always wondered/ who laid the plans/ set the traps/ where is this devil/ playing God/ I obsessively sought/ the hunter/not the Shepard/ leading this flock./

Reality was constructed/ from the evaporating dew/ of anarchy/ we were raped and pillaged/ on one level or another/ in the name of a million moral crusades/ looted/ streaming riots/ live/ my beating heart/ only a calculation/ a mere statistic./

I feel more gathering/ like storms/ layered like dying flowers/ diaspora tides/ in a drop of water/ tempest winds/ in every exhale/ and I need it/ to feel something unguarded/ after feeling nothing/ elapsing/ agony/ creating worlds/ from a few words/ dying to feel something/ resembling life./


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