The Big Reveal

From Creative Bloq. D&AD poster, "Write the Future."
From Creative Bloq, “Write the Future.”


Taking America back/ they said / cheering their KKK endorsed candidate / taking our country back / witnesses and participants in rape culture / crimes against humanity/ taking America back / like patriots / a red river slavery / a white privilege cemetery/ a country divided / like machetes through shit


Taking America back / to when the papers read / supposedly educated people / donning badges and suits / church going people /reasoning / crosses burning /ropes still hanging from trees / a graffiti flashback / on the news / only yesterday


With enough power / enough advantage / enough money and violence / it will always be the oppressed / the poor and the sick / the ones with every obstacle / to not succeed / who will be disposable / malleable to your American Dream


Everyone here is free

except you

is not freedom.


What the fuck do you mean by

making our country great once again?


8 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Heather, this is such a stirring piece – the tone of discontent and disillusion is palpable. I admire the way you have set out neat sound bites between the slashes.. So in keeping with current trends in communication.
    Thanks for sharing in The Imaginary Garden.


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