The Big Reveal

From Creative Bloq. D&AD poster, "Write the Future."

From Creative Bloq, “Write the Future.”


Taking America back/ they said / cheering their KKK endorsed candidate / taking our country back / witnesses and participants in rape culture / crimes against humanity/ taking America back / like patriots / a red river slavery / a white privilege cemetery/ a country divided / like machetes through shit


Taking America back / to when the papers read / supposedly educated people / donning badges and suits / church going people /reasoning / crosses burning /ropes still hanging from trees / a graffiti flashback / on the news / only yesterday


With enough power / enough advantage / enough money and violence / it will always be the oppressed / the poor and the sick / the ones with every obstacle / to not succeed / who will be disposable / malleable to your American Dream


Everyone here is free

except you

is not freedom.


What the fuck do you mean by

making our country great once again?


15 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Heather, this is such a stirring piece – the tone of discontent and disillusion is palpable. I admire the way you have set out neat sound bites between the slashes.. So in keeping with current trends in communication.
    Thanks for sharing in The Imaginary Garden.


  2. As a pre-op Canadian transwoman, Trump’s presidency is a horror story made reality. Worse, it has roots in Canada, as well. Sadly, VP Pence is worse of a nightmare than Trump.


  3. I had no idea this would happen… Zombies of ignorance at P.T. Barnum’s circus. .. as they lose all the benefits that they were given… as Patriots in support of Russia. That’s all I have to say about that.


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