Human Rights Day 2016


I am a human rights activist.

What happened to me

can happen to you.

The toll that this has taken

on my life,

I will take to my grave.


Still I fight.


I do not believe human beings are meant to be controlled. I believe that the last true freedom is our minds, and the last great power is choice.

I only wish to help those who have suffered the worst of what life offers to feel like they matter, to restore lost strength due to horrific life experiences, and to defend and protect the rights and the lives of the wounded and suffering.

Beware of those who use your humanity against you and those who do not take no for an answer. Beware of those who only intervene dangerous situations when it personally affects them, or when they are personally offended.  Beware of those who exert their perceived power to shame, confuse, control, and instill fear; those who create conflict instead of resolving it.

Most of what pollutes and destroys, disempowers and puts us at the mercy of the corrupt is misinformation.

Criminals and authorities seem to think they are at war, but are much more alike than they realize. A lust for power, domination, the use of force, goddamnit, if nothing else, will set you straight.

Most of all, beware of those who use violence to silence, mentally unhinge, discredit victims of violence and those who speak out against an immense collective. Covert, dehumanizing tactics embolden crowds who feel unstoppable with no impending consequences, while they become desensitized to causing others harm, especially with so many to reinforce and justify these atrocities.

The laws of this country protect our right to express ourselves and live how we choose to live. The laws do not protect those who seek to impede these rights. The laws protect the individual’s right to be left alone, not the collective’s insistence to interfere.

Power is temporary.

It fills our heads and our homes with death,

with a profound nothing

a darkness demanding

our blind eyes adjust .


We owe them nothing,

nothing but questions

and resistance.



-Heather Sawaya


Human Rights Day.


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