The Cat


(Hieronymus Bosch, 1450- 1516)


Part of the program

was to trigger and split

those wounded by rape

and abuse.


It is almost impossible to

not be affected by

such twisted symbolism.


The murder one of it is

that you will not want it

until you want it.


You will adjust

to not feel

this much pain.


Your mind does all it can

to protect you,

knowing that,

through each downpour

and over every bridge,

the soul cannot be destroyed

and so

you cannot ever lose who

you truly are.


You will never be those who are

trying to control and enslave you.


Strength and peace can be found within

the sanctity of growth symbolism

which helps to resist


and fade alters.


You will surface.


I felt sick today,

headachy and exhausted,


I managed to avoid

the cops’ and the puppets’

ventilation burn and

parable threats.


I watched my son play

with a transparent purple bat

in the garage.


I worked in the dark

trying to deconstruct the war.


I thought about calling you

but have no idea

who you really are.







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