Pull Me Down


(for my mother, in loving memory of my grandmother 12/29/29- 1-16-10)

Pull me down
to that place
you don’t allow words.

I have never been
afraid of the dark.

Scatter the fragments, I will
speak on your behalf
against the tidal pain
of your past, I will
fight for the remnants of
who you once were.

You will be heard like the
thunderclap of retribution,
and they will all know
what cannot be undone.

Pull me down
to that place
that made you
who you are.

I will channel your truth
as if it were my own,
harness it during your departure
to calmer waters where
exile moons
will both grieve and heal the
loss upon loss upon loss
that sent you fleeing
to that place
you don’t allow light.

Pull me down
and I will fly you out
on the wings
of your suffering,
waiting to be told.

(Originally written in 2012, this poem will be featured in my future poetry publication, “Exile Moons.” Also, I wanted to end 2014 on a note of compassion, as so many I care for have had quite a difficult year. My heart and words go out to you.