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Georgia o'Keefe, Storm Cloud, Lake George, 1923
Georgia o’Keefe, Storm Cloud, Lake George, 1923


They surface prophetic / supernatural lacerations / surges / imparting bridges / to the next injury / or induced orgasm / plagued / like a frequency / or wavelength / like conventional bullets / ravaging / strong smelling menstrual blood / 

The oppressed need to get angry /

All of us are sick / we are all addicts / there is an albatross choking / every single one of us / and yet / in our humiliated rage / we broadcast / whose is uglier / whose is more mangled / and killed / by it still does not /  vanish our own/

You condescend/  that you refuse to come / to the rescue / of your rescuer /

Outside myself / I submerge / to atone the dark metal / the eruptions /  the delusional escapisms  / both above/ and below the surface /

We are dealing with / very dangerous people / who do not take no / for an answer /


The Clear, White Tomb

8aa6266fb8f58e0870d47c6c28a737ac(Image by Ching Teoh)


Now that you have been / silenced / properly humbled / a drooling / rocking / little weirdo / thoroughly affected / by our incessant drownings/  the innocence /we killed out of you /gives birth to dead babies / all over your lily white apron / shame, shame / now join us in the rose garden / won’t you?/

They called themselves soldiers / just in time for the public hanging / a family event / a lost soul / so full of life / such a talent / she used to be / the coppery-green / in an abstract impressionist sky / singeing the pages/ a gossamer vision of the Virgin / channeling the subconscious / strapped down / a medical procedure / they called it / it was for the best / they insisted /

They called themselves saints / deliverers of retribution / really they were either / criminals / so-called seekers of social justice / or simple minions hoping to exercise / a newfound sense of power / they had never been given / an excuse to use violence / to make their point / orgasming a sadistic need to control / to hurt others / in ways they themselves had probably been hurt /

Always a swarming / a crashing all around / ritualistic/  in nature / it was hilarious/  entertaining/  her strange reactions / to things undetectable / trying to seek refuge / she was stalked / to the clear, white tomb / maniacal, bloody laughter / severing / a prismatic destiny / from the universe’s/  fragmented womb /