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Georgia o'Keefe, Storm Cloud, Lake George, 1923
Georgia o’Keefe, Storm Cloud, Lake George, 1923


They surface prophetic / supernatural lacerations / surges / imparting bridges / to the next injury / or induced orgasm / plagued / like a frequency / or wavelength / like conventional bullets / ravaging / strong smelling menstrual blood / 

The oppressed need to get angry /

All of us are sick / we are all addicts / there is an albatross choking / every single one of us / and yet / in our humiliated rage / we broadcast / whose is uglier / whose is more mangled / and killed / by it still does not /  vanish our own/

You condescend/  that you refuse to come / to the rescue / of your rescuer /

Outside myself / I submerge / to atone the dark metal / the eruptions /  the delusional escapisms  / both above/ and below the surface /

We are dealing with / very dangerous people / who do not take no / for an answer /


A Proper Burial



It was told that/ those who disappeared in Mazatlán/ made their way across/ the Sierra Madres/ in the Mexico Basin/ where their pirate souls were restored/ by the salty sea/ of the Gulf/

Where food/ and basic human decency were scarce/ violent men/ and beautiful, broken women/ got rich off the dark weaknesses/ of upstanding citizens and tourists/ on the islands/From Puerto Rico to St. Croix/ Dominica to Barbados/ archangels chased the excesses/ of the West Indies/ to the confluence of the Caribbean Sea/ and the Atlantic/

Shipwrecks could be seen/ from tattered motels/ in Fort de France/ The authorities were a part of/ if not altogether responsible/ for the corruption/ as long as they were compensated/ in ways/ that were difficult to prove/ It was whispered/ that muffled screaming could be heard/ from the women/ whimpering all throughout/ the halls/ Most were stolen from their homelands/ and brought here/ to be sold/ to men with an/ especially sadistic streak/ Even the authorities/ who did not participate/ stood watch/ to guard/ to protect the women/ The local mental institution/ was the largest residence/ on the island/

It was always in paradise/ where waves sounded like Elysian Fields/ where the worst of humanity/ drowned/ in aquamarine/ and pirate’s gold/ so long as the myth/ was created from pathos/ so as it remained a mystery/ so long as the/ sane/ the artistic/ the healers/ the shamans/ the eccentrics/ were tortured/ were exiled/ were strange and ill/ so long as the free/ were enslaved/ could there be what is called/ paradise/

The mask of an/ unspeakable/ a hidden/ an unforgivable violence/ just below the surface/ there/ within each person/ the potential/ it exists/ there exist/ infinite excuses/ to qualify malice/ Human beings will trench/ their very last heuristic/ to prove it/ and only in our/ blindest anger/sparkling like a satellite/ we falter/ a repulsive continuum/ a mutilated ecstasy/ The armies have overtaken/ the capital/ Paradise/ a requiem